Contest Awards Doll/Site Awards

Chick in Chain Mail :: First Place

Gasco's Pixels :: Featured Site

Flight :: First Place

Amavanna's Realm :: Most Creative

Middle Earth :: First Place

Mirror of Illusions :: January Doll of the Month 

Warrior Woman :: First Place


Gradient Contest :: First Place; Best Gradient

Doll with a weapon Contest :: First Place  

Cunning Warrior :: Second Place; Best Sword; Most Creative


Fantasy :: Second Place


Collab :: Second Place


Eden Enchanted Halloween Ball :: Third Place


Pig Tails :: Best Hair


Kimono Contest :: Best Hair


Flower :: Most Accurate

It's Cause I'm Cool :: Most Original  
One Color :: Cutest  
You and your favorite anime/manga character ::Cutest  
Windswept :: Most Creative  
Pot of Gold :: Best Hair
Urban Amazon :: First Place; Best Hair
Wings Contest :: Second Place
Two Tone :: Most Original
Edit the Bases :: Second Place
RPG Character Pageant :: Third Place
Color Interpretation  First Place :: My Choice
Elven Couple :: Best Prop
Anime Mix-Match :: First Place
Pisces Twins :: First Place
Warm and Cool Color Contest :: First Place; Third Place
Down the Rabbit Hole :: Second Place; Best Shading
Heros and Villains :: Choice
Prop Contest :: Joint First Place
Space Pilot :: Third Place
May the Force Be With You :: First Place
Warrior Woman :: Best Weapon
Robot you :: First Place
V for Vendetta :: First Place
Disney Contest :: Choice
Nayia Base Edit :: 3rd Place
Japanese Clothing Contest :: 2nd Place
Daughter of Evil Contest :: Most Evil
Elf Contest :: First Place; Best Shading ; Choice
Space Age Contest :: First Place
Kingdom Hearts Contest :: First Place; Most Accurate
Final Fantasy 8 Contest :: First Place; Most Accurate
Lightbringer Contest :: Choice
Jester Contest :: Third Place; Choice
Animal Lovers Contest :: 1st Place
Magical Contest :: 1st Place; Best Story
Wings Contest :: 1st place; Best Dress; Best Wings
Weapons Contest :: 1st place; Best Shading; Best Hair
Box of Chocolates 1st Challenge :: 1st Place
Enchantress Contest :: 3rd Place
Mewdamorphasize Contest :: 1st Place
Bunny Ears Contest :: Hottest
Iron & Steel :: 1st Place; Best Warrior
Jester Contest :: 2nd place
Blond Pigtails :: 1st place; Best Shading
Platinum Blonde :: Best Shading
Elementalist :: 2nd Place; Best Shading
My Original Character :: Choice [Formal]
Muses of Madness :: 1st Place; Best Dressed
Long Hair :: 2nd Place
Wanted Poster :: 1st Place
Twilight's Good and Evil :: 1st Place; Best Dressed; Choice
Roman Lady :: 3rd Place
Water Contest :: 3rd Place
Winter Contest :: 1st Place
Movie Contest :: 2nd Place
Valentine's Contest :: Best Hair
Original Character Set :: 1st Place :: Best Character :: Best Shading
Fairy :: 2nd Place :: Most Original :: Choice