Q. Do you take doll requests?
I don't usually take requests, however i do have plans to open up a section of the site for commissioned requests... look for it in the near future.  

Q. Can we be sister sites?
I'm always open to making new friends, but becoming sister sites is something special. I prefer that we get to know each other first. ^_^  

Q. How could I get to know you? Where can I find you?
A. You could either look me up at Empire of Pixels or drop me an email and ask me for my msn contact info.

Q. May I adopt your dolls?
Of course! But please link it back to my website. However, DO NOT adopt those marked as Unadoptable. 

Q. What programs do you use to create your graphics?
Photoshop 7.0 and Image Ready 7.0.  

Q. Can I use one of your dolls as a signature tag/avatar?
A. No you can't. Unless it's a request doll that I made specifically for you.

Q. Do you accept direct linking?
A. Absolutely NOT!

Q. Can I take some elements [i.e. eyes, hair, accessories, etc] from your dolls and use them to make my dolls?
A. Please don't. Such a thing is called frankendolling and is a copyright infringement. Not to mention that its not a really nice thing to do.

Q. Can I use your dolls on my website layout or use them like signatures in forums?
A. NO. The dolls on my site are MY personal artworks, you can only adopt them nothing more.

Q. Can I use your dolls in a contest?
A. NO. Make your own dolls for a contest that you want to participate in. Don't take someone else's.

Q. Would you link to my site?
A. Only if I like your site [or artwork], if I've adopted something from you, used one of your bases or if you ask me really, really nicely.