The dolls on the following pages are of my various dolls from my fantasy realm: Farath. Not all of them are adoptable.
Dolls will be linked to base sites.

All props made by me unless stated otherwise.


The world of Farath, is a fantasy realm of my own creation - originally created as the background for a Neverwinter Nights module that never really saw the light of day. However, I love creating characters and whatnot, so I've never stopped working on it... well the story and world that is XD

The following is a list of various characters that i've got worked out so far.


The Deities of Farath

Anariel Tir'Astald & Elenion Lorindol

Elian Tir'Arauka & Meloira Lirimanar

Jarid & Kharild Ar-Feiniel

Aurewen Tindomerel & Elethir Lorindol

Other Characters

Racial Designs