Rules for my bases:

1- You are allowed to edit or resize them to your hearts content. However, DO NOT claim them as your own, rather send me the edits and i'll post them here with the originals.

2- My bases are NOT to be used in shop orders on forums without my express permission first. Please respect this.

3- Please do not use my bases for ANY financial gain.

Enjoy them!


On this page, you'll find all the other random bases that I've made.

more bases will be joining these... eventually anyway lol.

^ its supposed to be a guy and girl lol ^

Edits of the above base

^ i lost the links to the sites of those who sent my these wonderful edits... if anyone recognizes them, please oh pretty please let me know so i can give credit where it is due. ^

^ the arm of the one without the sword looks a little funky, i know - i tried to get it right *sigh* ^


Portrait/Av bases