For now, I'll only be offering up dolls for commission [I've gotten rusty with drawing, so I'd rather practice some more first lol]


You can ONLY request dolls on MY bases - or if need be I'll create a base for your request. I have to admit I prefer working with small to medium sized dolls [particularly with my Aries base] so if you don't specify, then that's the base I will use.

Prices will vary from 5$ to 20$ depending on size and difficulty.

I work best with Fantasy, Elves, and Original Characters - but I'm up to the challenge for anything. Don't let me limit your imagination.




All doll commissions are for personal uses only. Email me for information concerning profession use and for copyrights.

I accept commissions ONLY in English please.

I will only begin your request once I've received FULL payment.

Payment will be via PayPal only: lsroettger at gmail dot com
All listed prices are in US Currency.

The finished artwork will be sent approximately 2 to 3 weeks after I received your request.



Base: I will only make dolls [portraits, etc] on MY bases. If i do not have a base that matches your needs, then tell me the size of the doll you want [as well as the pose you want, etc] and I will make a base for your request.

Animations: I am willing to do simple animations such as winks, or blinking lights - nothing complicated.

Colors: To make things easier, I ask that you try to send me a color palette with your request. This way I will get the exact color[s] you want. This isn't a necessity - I just want to be able to fulfill your request to your complete satisfaction. You can also just tell me what color[s] you want for what. Either way works XD

Clothes, Hair and other details: Be as specific as you can - Describe your request in the greatest detail. Provide examples if you can. Anything you can do to help me make you 100% happy with your request the better.

Backgrounds: I'm still new with backgrounds, but am willing to make one for your request. Please also be very specific.

Delivery: The time it takes for me to complete a doll will depend on the difficulty of your request. The finished doll will be sent via your email.



this is necessary so i know who to send the finished doll to
if you have one - not obligatory

Base: you can either specify a base from one of my base pages, ask for the Aries base or give me a size and pose so i can make the base for you

You will find my bases here and here

Doll Description: Be as descriptive and detailed as possible. Provide me with palettes, pictures... anything you can think of that will help me provide you with a product that is 100% to your satisfaction. Remember - I will doll what you request. So if you don't add it into the description then it will get left out.
Extras: make sure to tell me if you want a background, or some props, or anything else.



1. If you decide to upload your doll to your site, or use it as an avatar, signature, etc - then I insist that you also add in a link back to my site as I am its creator. Please give credit where it is due.

2. Once you've received the finished doll you can in NO WAY modify it. You can crop it to use as an avatar or signature someplace however.

3. Remember that the doll is EXCLUSIVELY yours. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that it is not "adopted", stolen or modified.

4. I will be uploading the doll to my gallery, in its own "requests/commissions" page and it will be rendered unadoptable.



Example[s] on my Aries base:

Example[s] on my other bases: